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Switching gas providers or choosing one for the first time? We take a look at the key considerations for rates, charges, payment options and more. Read more.

If you’re planning to switch gas providers, or you’re connecting to gas for the first time, you might be confused by the many options and providers on the market. How do you know which choice is going to be affordable? We answer all your burning questions below.

Key Considerations When Choosing A Gas Provider

Most people in Australia will have the option to choose their own gas retailer. This means you have the opportunity to shop around and find the right provider for you. But where to begin? Here are some things to think about when make your choice.

Usage Charge vs. Supply Charge

When comparing gas provider charges, you will notice these are broken into different categories. The usage charge is the rate charged for the gas that you use. The supply charge is a service charge for delivering the gas to you.

It’s important to look at both of these charge types. A deal could look good because of low usage charges, but the cost of supply might be higher.

Seasonal Rates

In some areas, gas retailers will charge different rates according to the time of year. Seasonal rates are typically charged during winter, or peak gas usage time when many people are using their heaters. The seasonal rate can be charged as a single rate, or as a block rate (a usage rate calculated on how much gas you use).

In places with a non-seasonal rate tariff, the rate stays the same throughout the year.

Payment Options

Can you pay gas bills in one lump sum, or in instalments? What happens if you are late with a payment? Does your gas provider charge late payment fees, or paper billing charges? Asking all of these questions can help you avoid unexpected fees and make sure that you can balance your budget. Look out for additional benefits and discounts as well, which can make a big difference to your household monthly spend.

Customer Service

No one wants to have a negative experience with their energy retailers. When comparing gas providers, check out customer reviews and find out what kind of level of service the retailer offers. If there is an outage, an issue, or a problem with billing, you want to be able to access fast and reliable information from a friendly team.

Your Gas Use

Especially when switching gas providers, you probably have a good idea of how much gas you would typically use over the course of the month. Knowing your own gas usage can help you to make a more informed decision when choosing a gas retailer. Compare prices based on what you would usually use. 

Information To Provide Your New Gas Provider

When you choose a new gas retailer, you will need to follow these steps:

· Sign up with the new gas retailer

· Provide them with your address, bank details, and Delivery Point Identifier metre number

· The provider will contact your local gas distributor

· Your new gas provider will take over your account

· If you have a previous account with another gas provider, you will receive a final bill following your last metre read.

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Sally Writes 16 Mar 2022