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How To Keep Warm Without Blowing Your Energy Bill

Worried about the cost of heating your home? As the weather gets cooler, you might notice a spike in your energy bill from the use of heating. But there are ways to keep your bills down while also staying toasty and warm this winter.


Invest In An Efficient Heater

Your old portable heater may do a good job of warming up a room, but it could also be having a big impact on your energy bill. There are lots of energy efficient heating options on the market and investing in one now could save you heaps in the long run.

Always check the energy rating on any appliances you're thinking of purchasing- this will give you a good idea of how efficient it is. Gas heaters and reverse-cycle air conditioners are the best options.


Lower The Temperature

It may seem counter-intuitive to turn down the temperature when it's freezing outside, but it's a good way to keep your bills under control. Cranking the heater up to thirty degrees will use a lot more energy than setting it to twenty-two, and you will be just as comfortable on the lower temperature.


Keep The Warmth In

Especially if you live in an older home, chances are you're losing a lot of indoor heat through cracks in doors, windows, and more. There are lots of ways that you can improve your house's ability to retain heat, and most of them are cheap or free! When you're trying to keep your home as warm as possible, try these tips:

· Close off rooms you’re not using

· Make sure windows are fully closed

· Block cold drafts from under doors using door snakes or carpet.


Check Your Furniture Position

If you have heating that uses vents, the placement of your furniture may be preventing your heating from working as well as it should. Make sure couches, chairs and beds aren't blocking the flow of heat into the room- and if you've set up your armchair right in front of the heater,

consider moving it away so that the rest of the house can experience some of that warm air as well!


Take Advantage Of The Sun

Do you have a north-facing room that gets plenty of natural sunlight? Take advantage by keeping blinds and curtains open during the day and spending time in this sun trap as much as possible. Even the winter sun can do lots for warming the home. After dark, close the blinds to trap all that warmth inside.


Use A Programmable Thermostat

Some heaters will allow you to pre-set temperatures for different times of the day. This can be a highly efficient way to use your appliances, as you can choose a lower temperature overnight while you're sleeping, and ensure the heating is always turned off when everyone is out at work and school. Setting your temperatures ahead of time will prevent you coming home to a cold house and immediately wanting to turn the heating up to the highest setting- your home should already be toasty by the time you walk in the door.

Sally Writes 18 May 2022