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Top Five Reasons To Change Energy Retailers

Over the past two years, Australians have been using their heating and cooling a lot more. As we head into the cooler months, it is crucial to have a reliable and sustainable energy retailer in your corner.

While many of us don't change our energy suppliers until we move homes, Compare & Connect recommends you audit your energy provider to find an operator that aligns with your needs.

There are many details to consider when shifting energy retailers, including a company that is flexible with payments, is cost-effective, or environmentally conscious.

These are all worthwhile considerations that require some research and shopping around. As a start, follow our five simple steps for changing energy retailers.


1. Energy Retailers Reward New Customers

There is something to be said about long-term loyalty to a company. However, energy retailers may not feel the same

In fact, many retailers have fresh deals to onboard new customers, while existing customers are left on the same plan or billing arrangement. If you have your eyes on another deal, with a competing company, then make sure you tell your existing service provider, and ask if they have a counteroffer.


2. A Different Plan May Better Suit Your Needs

You may have changed jobs, moved homes, or started a family. These are all crucial reasons to evaluate your finances and make changes where appropriate.

Of course, you can't make an informed decision about a new plan without conducting some research. Pick up the phone and enquire about the choices and costs of other energy retailers. You may even find that your existing deal is still worthwhile.


3. Seeking Greener Alternatives

As your finances continue to change, so too may your ethical choices. Some energy providers offer cleaner and greener options that may better align with your personal preferences.

You may wish to invest in a company that is making headway in the renewable energy space or is seeking to reduce its carbon footprint. Alternatively, there are a range of opportunities for solar powered homes.

As always, research is crucial, so do your homework and pick the best supplier for your needs.


4. Consolidating Your Bills

Most people are unaware that when you change energy retailers, the supply stream remains the same. Electricity and gas infrastructure and the companies who read your meter are run by the same organisations. In fact, the only difference is the company that ends up charging you.

You can also consolidate your bills to streamline your billing processes. You may wish to have your electricity and gas bills coming from the same provider, and some companies will offer discounts for making that choice.


5. Better Customer Service

Above all, a company that is inclusive and listens to your needs may the most important reason to shift energy retailers.

A company with an approachable customer service department can pave the way for a solid client-to-company relationship.


At the end of the day, energy retailers are working with thousands of customers, but it is crucial that you feel involved.

If the time has come to change your energy retailer, compare and connect with us today.

Sally Writes 15 Jun 2022